Starting in 1948 the great experience of Decima in the field of technology and furnishing for theatre, music and performing arts. The Company is highly specialized in the field of stage machinery, acoustic-decorative furnishings, lighting and stage control, public address systems.



Furthermore, it can satisfy many furnishings requirements with its wide range of theatre seats, of fabric coverings and curtains, of draperies and passementeries with a special care in case of remaking of original decorations. Decima always works with the same care, either in the historical venues, where it is essential to have an extremely accurate and philological approach, or in the case of modern buildings, both characterized by a conception that well synthesizes its work: custom-made solutions with no compromises on quality. 



The Company has many references for works carried out all over Italy, many of them very prestigious, in the most important Italian Theatres. Beside the steady contract activity, Decima adds a delivery to the show market of professional products like stage lighting luminaries and controls, aluminum trusses, accessories. Decima is point of reference for architects, engineers, planners, general contractors and for all private and public clients, working in the theatre, music and performing arts. 



The company was founded by Angelo Decima in 1948 as an individual company, and then expanded into a limited liability company managed first by his son Giulio Decima and then by his nephews Paolo and Enzo Trovato.

At the beginning, Decima started its activity mainly in the cinematographic field, and then in the '70s, the company has specialized in the field of stage machinery, acoustic-decorative furnishings, lighting and stage control, public address systems, both in Italy and abroad.

In 1976 with the creation of "DECIMA SRL", the main focus of the company was the development of theatre technology and from 1979 it started to realize important interventions in various fields of theatre technologies and furnishings which include: stage machinery, lighting, AV integrated systems, acoustics, seats and stage curtains.



With the aim of combining its experience and knowledge, Decima started also to distribute a wide range of professional equipment and accessories of the most prestigious international brands.

In 2016, the company acquired the "theatrical" branch of "Tecnologie Industriali", with which Decima has been collaborating for some decades. This decision combining with the entry of two new members, Lorenzo and Paolo Peruzzo, allowed the creation of an important reality in the theatre technology field.

During the years the Company focused on the research and development of the design, production, assembly and installation of stage machineries, with special solutions for acoustic, lighting, stage curtains, audio, video and conference system. It developed line of products according to international standards and certifications that the stage machinery business requires.



Lines of standard products and solutions which adapt to different contexts and situations to better satisfy customer demands with competitive price combining the quality of technological innovation and the quality of "handmade" finishes.

Architects, projects planners, theatrical consultants, mechanical and electrical experts, acoustics: our engineers can customize an automated solution for your projects. 

In 70 years of activity, Decima has completed hundreds of realizations in Italy and abroad with installations including stage machinery, stage curtains and draperies, modular stage platforms, seats, acoustics and AV integrated system for theatres, auditoriums, concert halls and multipurpose venues. 

The Grand Theater La Fenice in Venice realizations, the creation of new theaters and auditoriums, the reconstruction of historical theatres, multipurpose rooms, conferences and museums, the creation of special scenographies like the one in the “Arena di Verona” (Madame Butterfly, Don Giovanni, Carmen) are just few examples of our works.

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Decima is part of CDN circuit.


DECIMA IS CERTIFIED: iso 9001/2015

ISO 9001 is the norm that guarantees, over time, the quality control of a production process or of a work in general, guaranteeing the customer about the requisites, which can only be achieved by monitoring the entire processing procedure. So the ISO 9001 aims to satisfy the customer in every activity. As the application of a project and its monitoring, thus guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of the end user, trying to adopt a new type of organization based on the processes and the sharing of the experiences of the individual, trying to continuously improve the business performance



The SOA qualification is the mandatary certification for any company that intends to perform public works entrusted by the contracting authority, directly of subcontracted, for an amount equal to or greater than 150,00 euros.

Category OS 4    -    Classification V

Category OS 6    -    Classification IV-BIS

Category OS 30  -    Classification III

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