The LIFTBOX electromechanical mobile platform allows a lot of configuration of the stage area in a quick adaptation of the stage to the different entertainment needs. At the same time, the installation of one or more mobile platforms inside the orchestra pit allows the quick change of proscenium area, ensuring optimal use of the hall and always guaranteeing the right distance between the audience and the proscenium.


The LIFTBOX system allows  to move the theater space in multiple solutions allowing movements from bottom to top and bringing the stage closer to the audience. The system adopted allows  to permanently stop at any intermediate level between the maximum and the minimum level.

It consists essentially of 3 main elements:

base with lifting elements
mobile frame
side guides


"spiralift" moving system

One of the possible lifting technologies is the SPIRALIFT actuators:

devices designed specifically for theatrical applications, which guarantee:

  • minimum height in relation to the maximum running lenght.
  • reduction of total installed power thanks to a relatively high mechanical efficiency, compared to other technologies (of the order of 70%).
  • high silent operation
  • great reliability over time


SPIRALIFT technology can be used for moving orchestral platforms, stage platforms, hall platforms, hoists / hoists, retractable hatches etc.




In theaters there is often the need to use the space of the orchestra pit differently depending on the type of show that is being set up.

The orchestral platform is the most versatile way to manage the various configurations quickly and with the minimum use of personnel.

The three most common configurations are:

  • Platform at minimum altitude, in a pit configuration for the orchestras.
  • Mid-level platform, in a hall extension configuration.
  • Platform at maximum altitude, in configuration of stage extension

HALL revolving system

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