The grid is an essential element in the theater, it is the point of support for all the elements of the upper scene, bridges for lighting fixtures, at the service of the scene for the show. Normally it is suspended and supported by an existing structure or it has to be foreseen and calculated.


The grid, fundamental element of the theatre, is foreseen to be the foothold of all upper stage elements necessary for the stage during the performance.

Above the main frame, with a distance between them of about 12 cm, are installed some rows of staves, made of rolled steel tubular (Fe 360) , stove enamelled with epoxy powders, of the chosen colour, 2 mm section, dim. 60x100 mm h., of rectangular section closed with special lateral eyelets, in order to allow a quick and safe insertion of the reels and of the pulleys.

The stave rows proposed step is of 60 mm and 60 mm for the stage slots for the ropes descent, for a total of 95 available stage cuts (many more than for the traditional type of metal staves).

The eyelets holes, made on the two long sides of the staves, every 10 cm, are set in such a way to avoid the coming out of the reels and the pulleys and allow their complete rollaway insertion, so that the practicable grid floor stays completely free from ropes.

Between one stave and the other there will be a 6 cm slot, that will be used for the insertion of the reels and the pulleys necessary for the rigging organization.

Advantages of this type of grid compared with a traditional metal grid

  • as the reel is completely embedded into the staves slot, the grid floor will stay completely free from any ostable:
  • there are not reel carrying brackets
  • the hemp and steel ropes will always run inside the slot
  • As the width between the staves is of 120 mm, it will be possible to have at least 25% more slots if compared with the traditional solution.

EASYGRID system: metal grid "Italian" system

Metal grid, carried out with metal staves of 6x10 cm, installed every 6 cm, welded to the underlying structure of HEB 140 beams.

The supply could be completed by a trapdoor for the lifting of the operation ropes and of the stage elements necessary on the grid level.

This trapdoor will be made with the same elements of the staves, dim 2x1, complete with railings that can be dismounted when the trapdoor is closed.

Easygrid SYSTEM: metal grid “german” system

The "German" system is the solution for stage spaces when the height of the stage tower is not sufficient to make the grating itself walkable and usable for technical purposes, so the staves are used for handling and raising stage shots from below

The metal staves in this case are similar to those used for the Italian grid, but the fixing is realized for suspension. The alignment of the staves can be made (optionally) in the longitudinal or orthogonal direction of the stage.

It is possible to arrange staves as a couple only along the hypothesized scene falls elements, depending on whether they are a stage shot with 3, 4 or 5 ropes, plus the relative return reel. The overall dimensions of the staves and of the scenic cut are the same as those described above.

Special reels for return of the ropes  can be swiveling or positioning at 90 ° type, to allow the different configurations

easygrid system: steel and wood staves for Italian grid system

The system of staves, made in wood and metal, creating the "Italian" grid, is a variant that provides for the possibility of using reels for the ropes or in the traditional fixing with nails, either with technological system.

The grating, in this case, is made up of a series of wooden staves placed parallel to the proscenium with a  distance from the centre of 140 mm, given by the sum of 80 mm, which is the width of the staves plus the width of the cut, for the positioning and interlocking of the pulleysfor the ropes coming from the electromechanical movement groups of the lighting bridges and of the load bars of the stage riggings.

Each beam of gross section 100x80 mm of width is formed by the assembly of a rectangular lamellar beam with fixed on the sides on a predisposed milling a pair of tubular profiles finished with special grooves for the insertion of the pins of the pulleys or of the reels.

This type of beam  offers a considerable compactness and resistance to vertical - horizontal loads by combining a low noise emission.


Single and double mobile reels, in relation with the total quantity of rigging sets, constructed with fire retardant PVC, section 89x49x44, with double ball bearings, rotating metal pin, metal pin for quick insertion, placed laterally, for the insertion of the reel in the grid staves, inside the cut, so that the grid plan is kept clear.

they can also be supplied with turnable brackets.

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