Stage curtains


FRINGES And passementeries

The twisted cords are made with spun rayon yarn and lurex laminae, all treated in a special way to increase its durability over time avoiding the fraying typical of this type of product.

The fringes are turned on themselves like an "U" and descend in order to have the continuity of the cords without fraying, that means that they are not cutted at the bottom..

The little differences in height of cords are precisely the index of the manual manufacturing of the product, that is, hand-twisting and construction of the fringe with manually operated frame.


Curtain of teatro la fenice in venice - decorative elements

The decoration has been realized as the original one, the embroidery is done with woolen yarn in gold colour, with padding underneath to give relief and with a brown color profile to grant the depth appearance. The various elements are interrupted in several points to give softness to the whole.

Inside the shields they have been fixed  inserts  in pure Venetian silk.

The decoration is completed by wooden buttons, with holes for manual sewing on velvet, of various  shapes (ovel, round and flowery),  thickness at the center is about 5-6 mms, silvering with "mecca" system.

On all the curtain are distributed 1100 pcs flowers made with hot-shaped leather to create a relief design. The leather has been covered with gold leaf and rubbed with pumice stone to create an antique effect. Flowers, stems and leaves are provided of micro holes for hand sewing on velvet

At the lower edge was applied a fringe consisting of "virgolina" gold held back by textile support in rayon. The virgoline consists of metallic yarn twisted on itself and then twisted into cords with a diameter of 1 cm, the peculiarity of this product is that the yarn and the method without particular internal supports makes the fringe particularly light and non-deformable.

remake of the original design of the curtain in the teatro verdi - fiorenzuola d'arda (PC)

It has been reproduced the original drawing taken fron historical documentation of the theatre.


wood elements - pendants - strands

Remake from the original of silked and metalic yarns passementeries, hand or frame made, remake of pendants, strands and decoration elements turned manually, carrying out of decorative bands with direct embroidery on velvet, or as an application simple or padded in relief.

decorative bands

The borders can be made separately and then applied to the velvet.

In other cases they are carried out directly on velvet with particular attention to making invisible interruptions to guarantee the softness of the drapery pipes.

The decorative elements are made with multi-shade yarn to give greater emphasis to the design and sometimes slightly padded to create a relief effect

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