Stage curtains


                                                                                           Proscenium drapery borders

The proscenium often have in front of the curtain  the valances and side festoons to frame the scene when main curtain opened. These drapes can be of various shapes depending on the age of the theater and the style, draped, multilayered, decorated with fringes, borders, bows and embroidery and sometimes include the city emblem or the logo of the theater itself.

        Venezia - gran teatro la fenice

For the inauguration a valance in yellow velvet draped and enriched with fringes was used. Replaced to follow with a draped valance made of the same green velvet of the curtain. The proscenium opening is completed by two side festoons with two layers of cloth, one upper cutted diagonally and one up to the stage floor.

With gold-colored trimmings.

              torino - teatro carignano

Proscenium valance realized in three-layers , the first draped on a metal frame, the second designed with a linear lower edge, the third realized with a lower shaped edge. All completed with fringes, borders and bows of various shapes in gold-colored yarn.

                  catania - teatro bellini

Proscenium drapery bordert, square-shaped, decorated with fringe, border and a decorative band consisting of "S" shaped elements made separately and then applied on velvet. In the center it is applied the city emblem, restoration of the existing.

The proscenium opening is completed on sides with festoons in several layers of varying height completed with fringe.

                  napoli - teatro bellini

Three-layer proscenium drapery border, the first one in red color draped on a metal frame, the second one in pink color with a lower edge shaped, with three trimming applications depicting the lira framed by branches and leaves, the third stretched with a lower shaped edge and  folds of various shapes. All completed with fringes, edges and bows of various design in gold-colored yarn.

The proscenium opening is completed with festoons in several layers of varying height completed with fringe.

               SIMPLE DRapery borders

Simple draped valances with a linear bottom edge, decorated with trimmings or without decoration .

                      EMBLEMS AND LOGOS

In the pictures some citizen emblems and logos made directly embroidered on velvet, or applied or on wood support so as to be removed when the use is not foreseen.

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